Plai Extract Liquid, Plai Extract, Extract Liquid, Plai

Product Name     : Plai Extract Liquid

Botanical Name  Zingiber cassumunar Roxb.

Family Name      :  ZINGIBERACEAE

Common Name  : Phai (Thai name )

Part Used           : Root

Plai extract is herbaceous plant that consists of big rhizome.
It is consider as the same family as Ginger. The aerial parts usually die in summer and winter then regrows in the raining season. It was originally found in Southeast Asia. In traditional medicine, it Plai extract was utilized as treatment to relieve minor pain and ache due to the present of essential oils such as Curcumin. Curcumin is an effective ingredient Plai extract for anti-inflammation, arthritis treatment, and pain relief. It functions by numbing the nerve ending that resulted in pain and strain alleviation. Plai extract The other beneficial ingredient found is Veratrole (4-4-hydroxy-1-butenyl) that has vasodilating and asthmatic symptom protecting activities in chronic asthma patients. In addition, Thai Plai extract is used as an ingredient in mosquito repellent due to its non-irritating property and pleasant odor.

Plai Extract Liquid, Plai Extract, Extract Liquid, Plai

Active Ingredients of Plai Extract

Active Ingredients of Plai Extract


Properties & Application

-   analgesic                 -   anti-neuralgic

-   anti-inflammatory      -   antisepic

-   antispasmodic          -   antitoxic

-   anti-viral                   -   carminative, digestive

-   diuretic                     -   febrifuge

-   laxative                    -   rubefacient

-   stimulant                  -   stomachic

-   tonic                        -   vermifuge